Raised by Wolves

(Read while listening to Raised by Wolves by U2)


And there I was looking up at the clear blue sky.

My clothes ripped off my body.

The white snow that once was,

Now a deep shade of red.

She stood there cold and emotionless

What have I done to deserve this?

And then as my eyes closes


A voice I did not know spoke


“Stand Up”


I thought to myself, “Stand Up?” HA!

It’s hard to breath with the deep dark shade of purple

Spreading across my ribs and

The warm scent of blood filing the air.


Yet, the voice said once more

With conviction and a hint of anger at my thoughts

…. “STAND UP!”

Who is behind this voice?

Why is it speaking with such strength at life?

I didn’t want to save?


Why did this voice want me to will myself to life?


With all these thoughts racing I didn’t realize,

Slowly my body was rolled over on its belly,

Muscles contracting and pain searing

Throughout every fiber of my body


I stood.


I could not understand what was going on;

How was I not in control of my own body?



“Now Fight!”

Spoke the unknown voice.


I looked straight into her eyes

And prepared myself.

This was a fight that was going to end

In only one way.


We stood there starring for what felt like eternity


Both ready to react at the slightest of movements.


Then it happened….


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