A Mighty Morphin Review

After an absence of about 20 years or so, the Power Rangers return to the big screen. Directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac, Acholiland), screen play by John Gatins (Real Steel, Hardball), and story written by Matt Sazama (Gods of Egypt, The Last Witch Hunter). What a wait it was for all those who grew up with the original movie from 1995 and was the wait worth it?

In my opinion it was completely worth it, but it does not feel like it is targeted for children. Don’t get me wrong they can enjoy the movie as much as the next guy. The cgi was incredible, story was as close as it could be with a reboot, and the actors chosen breathe life into the characters they portrayed. Even with all this, the movie felt as if it was more to drag out the little kid inside all of us. The themes that were being touched on is a major reason I say that the target audience was the inner child in every adult.

For example we have Trini (Becky G), who comes to term with her sexuality. These topics are always a start for argument, but let’s not forget this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sexuality is being played in almost everything and the way it is seen in the movie felt almost out of place. The scene where Trini admits to being lesbian, felt as if it came out of left field; she did not show much questioning about her sexuality and just blurts it out when everyone is sharing about themselves. It felt as if it was simply thrown into the movie at the last second. Again I must reiterate that this is only my opinion and everyone may see it differently.

On the other spectrum of the movie we have Billy (RJ Cyler). (After you see the movie that first line will make sense) We see an autistic hero that meshed so well with the movie, it was like complete clockwork. This added an entire element that brought the movie together when it needed to be brought together. I applaud this move and admit that it was amazing seeing his scenes, which came often.

The last character I want to speak about is Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). What can I say? I loved the new wardrobe that they gave our super villain. While Elizabeth Banks is a phenomenal actress (in my opinion) at times she over played the character of Rita Repulsa. Much like IGN’s review states, “Already a cheesy character, Banks doesn’t just go over the top with her performance – she actually goes a little too far.” Although I don’t agree that she goes over the top throughout the entire film; she does at certain points over plays the character and makes it a bit laughable. Rita Repulsa isn’t the only character that was over acted at times though, Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is at times a bit over the top as well. The Red Ranger, also the leader of the Power Rangers, was at times a bit too cheesy. Both these characters are the keystone to the story, therefore can one overlook this over acting of the character? Of course we can or maybe at least I can overlook this flaw.

Bringing it all into a small package….Let me say, Power Rangers is completely worth the watch. The movie will keep you entertained from start to finish, at times dragging just a bit, but be ready for some surprises that come towards the end of the movie. Action, adventure, childhood memories all come to fruition after a long wait. Overall I give the move a 3.5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. There are things that could have been played out better. What are you waiting for though? Go out and watch it and make your own opinion about this much anticipated reboot known. GO GO POWER RANGERS!

IGN: Power Rangers Review

IMDb: Power RangersIMDb: Power Rangers



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