Celebrate One’s Legacy

This week was going like any other normal week, until I got the message that someone passed away. Like anyone else that gets this type of news, I was over come with grief and sadness. He was not an immediate family member to me, but still I knew who he was, what he did, and how amazing is his legacy.

Now I’ll explain the title Death is Celebration. Don’t get me wrong; death is grief, pain, and sorrow, but it is also happiness and joy. I am a Christian and I believe that now he is with the Lord in Heaven. Therefore this idea is a cause for celebration, seeing how he no longer has to go through the pain he was suffering. More importantly he left an amazing legacy in his passing.

Legacy….That word is such an important and powerful word. Think for a second, what is my legacy? I speak for myself when I say, “My legacy will be the memories I leave behind.” I want to be remembered by the memories I give other, from laughs to events we attended together. My greatest legacy will be the lives in which I touch and spend time with.

So although I did not know this man for an extremely long time, I can see him through the legacy he leaves behind. His family spoke highly of him and showed how compassionate and willingness to give to anyone and everyone that he encountered. The legacy he left is alive in well in his family and those who he encountered. Many of them shared how willing to give and lovable he was to anyone and everyone; in turn I see this in his family for they learned to be give love and give from the heart much like their father/uncle/brother did.

To bring it back to my second paragraph, when I speak about the title Death is Celebration, we should celebrate one’s life and legacy. Yes their passing is tragic and brings sorrow, but we should remember them as they lived. Once more I say that it is my belief that he is in Heaven, celebrating the life he lived and awaiting for his family when their time comes. While we will always have the pain of his passing, we must celebrate his life and the various ways that he impacted our lives.

In an attempt to bring everything together, when we are faced with a death….remember to celebrate their legacy. The pain and sorrow you feel of their passing is only temporary, but their legacy is forever. You are a part of their legacy. Never let someone’s death allow you to forget about all the memories that you shared with them and the laughs you had together.


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