Do or Die (Part 1)

Francine looked left, looked right, and saw no one open. Amanda was being blocked by the number one defensive player in the league, while everyone else was simply trying to get open. Francine didn’t know what to do. The shot clock was ticking down slowly, it was already at 20 seconds. So much ran through Francine’s mind….All the suicides, shooting drills, everything they did to get to the finals this year. It was all fading away, down by one point to the team that was expected to finish in last. 10 seconds on the shot clock now….Time was running out. Fourth quarter, no time left on the clock except the 10 second shot clock. Do or die….Do or die. 5 seconds, Julia made a move to help Francine get open, setting up a pick….4 seconds Amanda made a run to the rim….3 seconds Becky was luring the defense to her as she ran to her magic three spot….2 seconds, the whole crowd caught their breath….1 second…..


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