Do or Die (Part 2)

There was a hush over the crowd, it was so quite that you could hear a pin drop. The saying ‘The calm before the storm’ was actually seen in the crowd, many of the watchers were stunned and breathless. The pick, the shot, it was all so much suspense in the closing seconds that some of those watching could not handle it. Those in the crowd that were not in shock and awe, well they started to storm the court. Players on the court fell to their knees with tears streaming down from all the emotion that hit at once. The long road that they had taken, before reaching this climatic point hit all at the same time. Everything was happening in a whirlwind and no one noticed Francine was clutching her knee writhing in a tremendous amount of pain. Amanda ran to Francine’s side writhing on the floor, while Julia began to shout slurs to the opposing player. (She was a bit of a hot head and without Francine there to calm her down, Julia had an open lane to release her anger.) The player simply smirked and laughed at what she had done. The ball on the other hand bounced towards the closed doors of the gym. A season that started off on the wrong foot ended with a big BANG! From two-a-day practices, extra cardio workouts, and fighting game after game to get to this last game. If you’re wondering what happened with Francine’s shot…….(You’ll just have to wait and see.)


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