Do or Die (Part 3)

Francine’s shot went in, giving them the final win with a score of 63-61. The sacrifice of time and workouts done for this epic win was completely worth it. Although this was great news for the team, Francine was severely injured and her entire future was about to be put on hold. Going into her senior year of basketball she was getting scouted by a lot of top college teams. Junior year she exploded onto the court after the previous year’s seniors had graduated. Unfortunately, now who knew if she would still get a college scholarship from any of the schools that were considering her for their team? Amanda was clutching Francine, because the dream was to go to the same school and dominate the college scene. Francine was crying out of pain and Amanda was crying out of fear of the future. Julia, the enforcer of the team, had the other player by the jersey and was yelling at her; if it wasn’t for the fact that the entire bench cleared out to stop her from killing this girl; her first were clenched, face red as a tomato, and she was shaking from the anger. Some of the crowd ran on the court to either see how Francine was doing, celebrate with the team, or simply stop an act of murder that was about to occur. Francine spoke through her teeth, “Help me up. We have to celebrate this win.”

Amanda answered, “You know that’s going to put you in a lot of pain, right?”

“I know, but we’ve come too far for it to end this way.”

“Okay. I’ll call over Becky to help me then.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I know Julia is trying to kill that player.”

They both laughed at the final statement, because they knew how Julia got during games. Becky got called over and between her and Amanda they got Francine to her feet. The amount of pain was noticeable on Francine’s face.

After some time of trying to get Julia to let go of the player, she got sat down and calmed down. Francine was helped over to her and simply said thank you to Julia, rivers running down Julia’s cheeks from anger. Everything calmed down after several minutes and the ref (Yes, there was a ref the entire time this occurred) finally decided to speak up. He simply stated, “In the final play of the game there was a foul. (More like unsportsmanlike conduct.) That will be assessed and the player fouled is illegible to shoot her free-throw if she so chooses. As for the player that committed the foul, she is indefinitely suspended for the rest of the game (That simply meant for the free-throw that had to be shot) and will be reported, most likely suspended for the remainder of her playing illegibility.” He blew his whistle after this statement and once more the crowd was hushed.

The ref walked over to Francine to ask her if she was going to take her shots. She did not hesitate to say she was going to make the free-throws; the only thing she needed was for someone to help her get up there and be on standby in case she couldn’t stay standing. He nodded his head and knew that she was going to take the shots. Amanda helped Francine up and stood by her side while she sunk her free-throw. The final score stood at 64-61, without a shadow of a doubt the game was won. The highs and lows of the season came to a final conclusion here and what a conclusion it was for the final game of the season.


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