Mirror Effect (Part 1)

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

What I’m about to tell you is neither true nor false. It is neither fiction nor reality. Have you ever felt as if you were on the outside of your body, looking in? Looked into a mirror and felt someone else was looking back? Someone that wasn’t yourself?

This is what is occurring in my life, since the day past yesterday. My name is Ian, but lately I have not felt like Ian. What can I say, though? I’ve been feeling as if I’m looking at my life from the outside looking in.

Honestly, this all started when I went to this event with my friend, Xavier. He found a party on Craigslist (What a great way to hear about a party). Either way, he convinced me to join him on this adventure. The only reason we were really going was because Xavier wanted to meet this girl (Who he had no chance with, unfortunately).

Since he was one of my best friends, I was going to play the wing man perfectly. So when we got there the vibe of the party was completely different than what I was expecting it to be. Instead of being this sketchy blowout party, it was a regular house party; although the location was in the middle of nowhere it was actually a pretty good party. The party scene was actually the most normal situation of the night. Xavier actually started talking to the girl that he wanted to “wine and dine”, in simple terms make her his girlfriend; he automatically found me when he stuck up a conversation with Cristina, the girl he had a crush on.

It was so weird that before coming into the party Xavier had no type of confidence (That was why I was usually his wingman). Here he had all types of confidence and he was hitting it off with this girl extremely well. After only about three minutes of talking with each other, they were flirting as if they were together forever and dancing with each other not to mention the PDA that they showed one another. I was completely caught off guard by these actions that never occurred during all other parties that we attended together.

After a few hours at the party, we finally decided to leave and this is when the weird things started to occur. (Obviously before we left the party, Xavier got Cristina’s number). Once we left the party, Xavier was acting different than he usually did. He was filled with a lot of confidence and adventure, unlike his usual reserved and timid self; on the other hand I was actually being reserved and less adventurous than usual. In other words I was Xavier and Xavier was me? It caught me off guard, but it only got weirder before we got to the car….


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