Mirror Effect (Part 3)

*Woof Woof* I heard waking up from my nice nap. I looked at my phone and had slept through all 5 alarms that I had set up; not only did I slept through all 5 alarms I slept through the 15 calls that Xavier gave me. After all this I decided to look at the time and I had overslept by a good 10 minutes. I jumped out of bed and got ready in the quickest time ever, just under 30 seconds, and was out the door.

We made it to school in a record time; not only were we on time, but we also made it with enough time to get our stuff for our classes.

“Sorry about the rush this morning,” I apologized.

“Yeah, Yeah. Same thing a different day,” he responded with disgust in his voice.

“Okay. So? See you after school to go home?”

“No way am I reading with you again. I’ll find some other way to get home”

“We’ve been driving together since I could drive. What’s up bro?”

“Nothing’s up with me. What’s up with you?”

That was the end of the conversation. The weirdness that was going yesterday seemed as if it wasn’t going to go away easily.

Throughout the day there was a weirdness with everything going on. I just didn’t feel the same and was just wondering what was going on. Xavier was acting like a big jock with his responses and wasn’t being my best friend; as for myself, I was feeling out of place and felt quieter than I ever felt in my entire life. Honestly, the weirdest thing out of the entire day happened at lunch. Cristina and Xavier were eating, laughing, and inseparable when it came to getting lunch, almost as if they were married. It may have just been me, but it was entirely too weird for my taste.

Once the last bell rang I waited for Xavier, hoping that he was simply playing around about not needing a ride. Oddly enough he didn’t need a ride, some woman picked him up in a brand new car. I couldn’t make out anything else about the woman, just that she was young and filled with life. Another thing that was noticeable was that it wasn’t Cristina. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I simply drove off home.

At home yet again, my pup did not come to me as soon as he heard I was home. It hurt me like there was no tomorrow, my pup who I raised didn’t affection me like he once did. Again though, the mirror flashed and I repeated the same thing I had done the day before; yet again like the day before, I came to the same result and conclusion. I couldn’t add anything up, but I had a gut feeling that whatever was going on now had to do with the party that Xavier and I attended the night before. Either way, I had no proof and could only hope that things would get better throughout the week.

The week flew by and nothing went back to being normal….


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