Death Note (U.S.)

Death Note is getting Americanized! With so much talk about white washing going on in Hollywood; while at the moment Ghost in the Shell is undergoing the same scrutiny along with Marvels Iron Fists, Death Note will be joining these fine movies and shows. The following is from the point of view of someone who has seen the anime (2006-2007), which this movie is being made from, and the Japanese movie that was already made (2006).

I honestly don’t find this movie as being white washed, since there is already a great Japanese adaptation of the anime. The adaptation is without a doubt close to the anime and I only hope that the US adaptation will do the same thing. The cast and crew all very much seem like the typical cast you would see from Hollywood, but they have a lot to live up too.

For one, Light Yagami is a very complex character to play for anyone. He battles himself and eventually develops a God complex. Attached to Light, comes Ryuk (The Shinigami) that is not necessarily acted by an individual but is voiced and therefore the character’s voice must portray almost everything with simply his voice.

Now then, I haven’t said much but maybe I’ve said just enough. Honestly all I want from this U.S. remake is for it to stay as close to the anime as possible. If the actors can each portray the character to a tee then that would be phenomenal. If you care to take chance at reading subtitles, watch the Japanese movie that was made and then you can compare the two. If you entirely want to be caught up on what is going on watch the anime! It’ll be completely worth your time and unlike a movie that rushes the character development; the anime takes its time with character development.

Hey! I’m a human though so who cares what I say? Just try things out for yourself.

[Airs August 25, 2017]


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