Mirror Effect (Part 7)

Then suddenly there I saw him. Marcos had a big smirk on his face knowing what his sister was doing. He ripped right through me with his gaze and said nothing simply motioned as if he had won. My rage made me react and I rammed into him with the force of a two ton moving train. When I hit him, one of the lights in the room burst scaring his sister.

“NO!” she spoke out loud as if I had discovered something she hoped I wouldn’t, “No…No…NO! Marcos hurry up and finish this.”

As he lunged once more towards my body, I gave him another blow to keep him away. Honestly I didn’t know what would happen if he couldn’t finish the task, but it was better than doing nothing in order to stop this plan. Suddenly I saw she was crying uncontrollably, almost as if something bad would happen if he couldn’t finish this task.

“Marcos,” she spoke through sobs, “I’m sorry. I tried to bring you back. Time is honestly running out.”

Marcos and I continued our struggle which she saw through the exploding lightbulbs above. We went back and forth, back and forth. Neither gaining the upper hand and neither of us giving up. Suddenly something started to happen to Marcos. He began to fade away and like sand was being scattered into the air. Still he was mute but the expression on his face was of pure agony and his sister was sobbing even more now.

The dongs of midnight went throughout the night. Marcos was completely dissipated and where he had gone was a complete mystery. I didn’t know how to react, but just like a twister I was rushed back to my body.

“What just happened?” I cried out after I gasped for air, “What was this for?”

“I wanted him back. He was all I had in this life and now I have no one,” she responded.

“I am truly sorry, but was it really going to help if he took my body and my life?”

“It would have been better than not having him at all,”

“Well now you don’t have him period,”

“Yes. He is gone forever and now I will be joining him,” as she spoke this her body began to become like sand. Just as what happened to Marcos, she too was becoming sand and being blown into nothingness.

“What did you do?” I asked still shocked by what I was witnessing.

“I made a deal. A deal that now is being collected because I could not come through with. I’ll be with my brother and you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything will go back to normal with your best friend. Except for his new girlfriend; well that simply happened and it’s a bonus for him,”

“I am sorry about your brother,” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek, “I truly am sorry.”

“I know you are. I just really missed him,” those where her final words before she too joined her brother in nothingness.

I drove him shocked and in disbelief of what I just witnessed, but to my surprise my pup ran up to me as he used to. I walked in and there was no flash of light in the mirror. Well it seemed like everything was back to normal; there was only one thing left to check. Quickly I called Xavier (he never cared what time I would call him so I was hoping he was back to normal).

After a few moments of waiting for someone to pick up I got scared that was not back to normal; then I got an answer, “Yo! What is up homie?” he said just like he usually would.

“What’s up!” I responded like in Scary Movie.

“What’s up!” he responded laughing, “Seriously though….Where have you been bro?”

“I’ve been around,” I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know what had been going on this entire time. “Word on the street is that you got a girl?”

“Yes, sir!” he responded with all the joy in the world, “Her name is Cristina and I’m dying for you two to meet.”

“Well, set something up. You know I’m usually available,”

“Alright, will do,”

“Alright,” I responded with a smile, “Am I still picking you lazy butt up tomorrow?”

“You already know the answer,” he laughed, “Only you truly put up with this lazy bum.”

With that we hung up and honestly it was the greatest feeling. After everything I had gone through I felt as if everything was back to normal. There was only one thing I had to do. Even if it was midnight, I knew I had to do it right away. Grabbing my guard dog (who’s harmless and friendlier than guard) I got in my car and started driving.

10 minutes later I reached the cemetery. I hoped the fence and my pup joined me in the jump inside my jacket. Walking down the path was creepy, but it had to be done. After some time searching, I found the stone I was looking for. Laying down an old picture, from grade school that had both Marcos and myself along with his sister and Xavier, I simply said, “Goodbye, Marcos”. I patted the stone and began my walk back, hoping that he was finally at peace wherever he was.


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