Stalked (Part 1)

Jayce: Babe! What are you up to?

Sarah: Not much babe. I’m just relaxing it’s been a long day.

Jayce: Awe. L I’m sorry babe. Is there anything I can do to help?

Sarah: I mean…. I could really use a cuddle sesh and a movie? J

Jayce: I’m actually picking up your favorites right now. What type of movie are you in the mood for?

Sarah: I don’t know what I would do without you. ❤

Sarah: How long you think it’ll be?

Jayce: Give me like 10.

Jayce: I’ll be there soon.

Jayce: Love you.

Sarah: Love you!

Sarah: See you soon.

Sarah: ❤

         “Hey,” I said getting impatient for the food, “Guys is there any way you can speed it up?”

“Jayce,” responded Lukas, “Sorry man. We are backed up on previous delivery order. Your order is on its way though, I’m cooking it right now. I’m assuming Sarah had a bit of a bad day?”

“Yeah,” I responded with a chuckle, “You already know. When it’s a bad day for her there’s only one thing to do…”

“Buy her, her favorites?” he responded, “Give her what she wants and a lot of hugs and kisses.”

“Pretty much man. Pretty much.”


About 10 minutes later…


“Jayce,” spoke out Lukas, “Sorry man. It took me longer than I anticipated. You ordered a ton of food!”

“No problem,” I said laughing at his comment, “It’s not all for me. It’s mainly for Sarah.”

“Yeah, I know. Take care man.”

“Thanks for the food. I can always count on Chef Lukas.”

Jayce: Food is on its way beautiful.

Sarah: Hooray! Hurry up so I can get to see my snuggly bear already.

Jayce: Your snugly bear is on his way.

Jayce: See you soon.

Sarah: ❤


5 minutes later….


Jayce: Babe….

Sarah: Yeah babe. Are you almost here?

Jayce: Yes and no…

Sarah: What does that mean?

Sarah: Babe…What are you talking about?

Sarah: Babe!

Jayce: Some car is following me. Like it’s doing every move I do.

Jayce: I don’t want whoever it is to find out where you live.

Jayce: I’m probably not going to stop until I’m sure they’re not following me.

Sarah: Don’t you think you’re being paranoid?

Sarah: I mean get the license plate in case of anything. We can always try to get information about the car owner and everything when you get here.

Jayce: That’s the thing…….

Sarah: Yes? What’s the thing?

Jayce: There’s no license plate. The car is completely blacked out, the windows are tinted, the rims are blacked out, and the lights all have that shadow effect.

Sarah: Okay, babe. Now I’m worried for you. If you don’t want to come you don’t have to.

Sarah: Just try to lose them? I don’t know what to say to help.

Jayce: I know babe. I’m sorry. I was really looking forward to spending some time with you. Hopefully if I can lose this person that’s been following me I’ll visit.

Jayce: Love you ❤

Sarah: I know babe. I wanted to spend time with you too. It’s okay though. Just stay safe and be careful babe.

Sarah: Love you ❤


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