Stalked (Part 3)

Later that same day…

Sarah: Babe. You okay?

Sarah: You rushed out of the house after the movie.

Sarah: You didn’t even kiss me goodbye. 😦

Jayce: I’m sorry babe.

Jayce: The car was there!

Sarah: What car?

Sarah: Wait…The car that was following you last night?

Jayce: Yes, that car!

Jayce: I swear babe. I thought I lost it last night.

Sarah: Babe. I am terrified for you.

Jayce: Babe, I know you’re scared for me.

Jayce: Now I’m scared for you! Babe he knows where you live.

Sarah: He? So, you found something out about the mysterious car?

Jayce: No I don’t know anything. All I know is that it’s an all Black Mustang.

Sarah: Oh babe.

Sarah: I really don’t know what to say to help you.

Jayce: I know babe.

Jayce: I love you get back to work now. Lol.

Jayce: Don’t want you to lose your job, I’ll be over tonight again. Now that this person knows where you live, I rather spend time with you no matter what.

Sarah: Okay snugly bear.

Sarah: I’ll see you tonight. ❤ Love you.

Jayce: Love you to. ❤ Now get back to work babe.

Within the car…

What am I supposed to do to keep Sarah protected? I swore I lost the car last night. I mean I drove out about 10 miles into the middle of nowhere. Random turns here and there, I swore I lost that car. Guess it decided to turn off the lights of its car to make me think I lost it. I honestly don’t know what to do. All I know is that this Mustang is quiet and good at making sharp turns. Who in the world could this person be? It’s killing me not knowing anything about this person besides the fact that they have great driving abilities and an amazing Mustang.

Later that evening…

Sarah: Babe. I just got out of work.

Sarah: Are you coming to pick me up?

Sarah: You know I didn’t bring my car, since I took the bus.

Sarah: Because someone decided to run out on me and made me late to work.

Jayce: Yes, babe. I’m sorry about that.

Jayce: I’m just picking up food for us.

Jayce: You know to make up for earlier.

About 30 minutes later…

Jayce: Babe I’m at your job.

Jayce: Where are you?

Jayce: Babe?

Unknown: She’s safe and sound.

Unknown: Isn’t it interesting how our loved ones are our downfall?

Jayce: Who are you!

Jayce: What do you want from me?

Unknown: Me? Who am I? Just call me Nobody.

Nobody: As for what I want from you? That’s simple…

Jayce: So, what is it?

Jayce: Wait I don’t see your Mustang…

Jayce: Where are you! Where is Sarah!

Nobody: She’s safe.

Nobody: Glad you finally saw the fabulous Mustang I drive.

Jayce: Who are you!

Sarah: Hey babe.

Sarah: I’m home. Where are you?

Sarah: That black mustang was there outside my job, so I decided to check if Jim could give me a ride home.

Jayce: Sarah?

Sarah: Yes? Babe in all the time we have been dating you’ve never called me by my name.

Jayce: I’m sorry.

Jayce: I have to make sure it’s you though.

Jayce: Something only you would know…

Sarah: Okay, babe.

Jayce: What was the very first Disney movie that we saw together?

Sarah: …

Jayce: I’m waiting.

Nobody: You saw right through me.

Jayce: Of course. My girlfriend and I share everything!

Jayce: Besides. She doesn’t have a coworker named Jim.

Jayce: So where is she!

Nobody: I’ll hand her over, but you have to do something for me first.

Nobody: I’ll be in touch


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